Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

So first let's start off by sending a big huge Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

We took the monkey's apple picking yesterday and it was great! (Well, minus the bees! Monkey dad ended up getting stung. Booo!).
The monkeys had fun though, and we ended up with 15lbs of apples. Can you say Apple Crisp and Apple Pie? YUM YUM!

And, in other news, we're on the hunt again. Sigh. I hate house hunting, but this place just isn't working for us.

Our property manager is just a tad on the crazy side, and there is no doubt mold here that they don't want to repair.

It sucks, because really, this place would be a great house if they would just fix it up and the owner would get a non crazy property manager.

In other, other news, Monkey 1 had an epic meltdown last night. He bit Monkey 3 because he wasn't doing what he wanted him to do. Sigh. He broke skin on one bite, and almost did on another. Poor dude was SORE.

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