Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let's talk about money.

At the beginning of the year, a friend of mine created a PDF of all the a4cwsn status updates (minus the deleted ones of course) dating back to mid June.

I took four days and read the 900+ PDF and documented all tangible donations.

Here's pics (2 parts) of the PDF that was sent to the Attorney General- Consumer Protection Dept Investigator. Click on the pics to enlarge.

Keep in mind, recorded donations are those that are tangible. So, items not included would be:
  • Paypal Donations
  • Cash donations/Cheque Donations
  • Percentage of sales from App Developers
  • Affiliate links
  • High value promo codes from Developers
  • iTunes widget (5% of all sales)
The above post was made in August.  Imagine how much came through that iTunes widget as the page numbers grew.

Oh but hey, A4CWSN says only 43K...

Obviously, these aren't all the financials. This is just a small glimpse of the financials that we put together.

I have to ask, why would it be so difficult for A4cwsn to diclose the paypal donations records? Or the iTunes widget information, or the percentage received from sales from developers. Why is this considered such classified information to him? Why does he boast about everything else, but he won't show the community what wonderful things they accomplished? Why not give developers due credit?

He has said all financial information is public, to look it up on, but we know that isn't the only source of donations.

There is so much money that has gone unaccounted for. That a4cwsn refuses to acknowledge. The biggest question is why?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yep, he went there, again.

The other day on twitter got interesting again.
A4CWSN decided to post more personal information. Albeit not all correct information, personal information that wasn't out there on the internet before, is now out there.

The following pictures are a series of tweets that A4CWSN sent out. I opened each tweet and you can see what he's replying too.


Now, I have no problem if someone wants to use someone's name online when it's readily available.  Aside from one of these tweeters, their names are NOT public on twitter. Most likely for a reason. Probably a damn good reason.  For him to then turn it around and blame it on the "hatters" for having to do that? To think that it's perfectly a-ok to post personal information, it just baffles my mind.

What shocks me is that his 'supporters' see absolutely nothing wrong with these actions, and neither does he. In fact he excuses the actions easily. He says we pushed him to sink to this level? No.  Everyone has free will. What they personally decide to do is their own choice. No one is forcing him to do anything.

I also find it interesting that he's been thanking Twitter, Facebook, etc for their assistance but when he posted his 'proof' of information, he posted links for Spokeo.  Which in my opinion, isn't the most reliable source for information. Hey, whatever floats your boat though!
(Hey, did you know you can opt out of Spokeo creating a profile for you? Click on their privacy link at the bottom of the page and follow their easy directions!)

If he does have a lawyer, don't you think they would be telling him to stop typing? To step away from the keyboard? To let the legal system deal with these issues?

Of course, this isn't the first time that he's posted personal information. I  highly suspect it won't be the last.  I am always surprised at the new levels of low that he'll sink to, I know I shouldn't be, but I am.
All in the name of intimidation.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I promise you...


I wasn't an a4cwsn 'follower' or 'supporter' during this time. However, I have gone back to the absolute very beginning of a4cwsn being on facebook, and read every single post a4cwsn ever made. Well, minus the deleted ones, of course! (Yep, it took a while to read, don't worry though my kids are well taken care of - yep, I have that post from the 50/50/50 room too!) This however did make for interesting reading.

I came across a lot of what can only be considered empty and broken promises that a4cwsn made. What's most surprising to me is that this was all just forgotten.  This surprises me because I know these parents aren't stupid. These are smart folks we're talking about. 

I know that most of the current supporters didn't see these happen (or for that matter, not happen), or many other "promises" made. 

His biggest and loudest supporters are now gone. (We're the 'hatters').  At one time, when he'd ask for a show of who was on the page and reading, he would get well over 150 likes, closer to 200. 

It always baffles me that he gets away with this. When I stop and think about it though, it makes sense. 

It's a wash, rinse, repeat cycle. 

He gains followers, he makes promises, then he breaks them, just doesn't follow through on them, or changes the rules completely for them.  Followers leave, new ones replace them. 

If someone dares asks where something is/or at, depending on his mood and how he reads it, you'll get one of two answers:
  1. I'm only one man and one computer.
  2. How dare you question me!!
There never really seems to be a straight answer though.  

It's so frustrating to sit back and watch this happen from the outside now. 
Knowing that parents will get their hopes up. Only for the realization to strike.. it was all a lie. 

I was seriously considering posting links on this blog post to other pages where you can find love and support. Links to other avenues to get an iPad for your child.  But, I'm not going to.  Not because they aren't fantastic resources. I'm not going to post them because I don't want A4CWSN going to them and spewing crap. (It's been done before). 

You know, it absolutely drives me nuts that he gets away with it too.  I will be the first to raise my hand and take ownership for any and all actions I've done. Have I been in contact with developers? You're sure as shit I have been.  Have I explained to them how to file a complaint? Damn straight I have! Have I read their emails and cried because of the harsh words he's spewed at them for no other reason than they didn't agree with him? Yep. Done that too. 

So I'll end with this. 
If you're looking for some wonderful communities to join, to get honest reviews (ya know, the type that are honest and sincere, even if they were paid for- this means the good, the bad and the ugly), please contact me. At these pages you'll have a chance to win codes for your iPads, or just some resources to search and learn more about how to get an iPad. Contact me.  I will point you in the right direction.  No one begs for you to donate, everything is transparent and fair. None of this, let me pick the prettiest profile picture. No million hoops to jump through, no give me all your personal details, no post your story. No bullshit. Just honest, sincere people who want to help other special needs parents. That's it. That's all. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Strong Women in Action

Today is International Women's Day!

I am so very fortunate to know so many amazing and wonderful women and to have been able to intertwine myself into such an amazing network of supportive women.

Today, I want to focus on these amazing women.

This may sound very strange to some, but I am very grateful for having found the a4cwsn community.
(I know, some of you don't believe me at all about this, but it is what it is. I have always said that iPad or not, I am most grateful for the amazing friendships I gained and I still to this day stand behind that 100%. It was never just about an iPad, or just apps to me, and to many others.)

I was able to virtually meet some of the most inspirational women I've ever known in my life. Advocates in the true sense of the word.
They don't just advocate for their own family either. They advocate for mine, yours, anyone who crosses their paths that may require it.

These are women of action.

When a4cwsn asked for something to happen, they made it happen.  When the 50/50/50 fundraising began, a4cwsn had an idea to ask individual app developers to support the cause. It was asked that a4cwsn members go to their facebook pages and ask them to donate.


Many responded and happily donated to the cause.


Obviously, these are just a few examples. This also isn't the only work that these women did.  They also blogged, and another mom held a huge fundraiser at her daughters school.  It was dubbed the iCheer For Special Needs Kids event.

Linky-do for full article

The iCheer event raised 10k.
Lois Annette Smith donated 3 iPads for the 50/50/50 campaign (in total she donated $2,269.00, WOW!).

These are nothing but a small example of the work that these women have done for a4cwsn.
Not only did they help a4cwsn owner, Gary James, expand and grow the page.
They helped members on the facebook page. Finding them apps that would work with their children, supporting each other during difficult and stressful times. Giving ideas, encouragement and sometimes just a virtual shoulder to cry on.  Cheering and laughing with the good times. We became like a family.

These women should not be vilified. They should be applauded.
They had friends, family, therapists join this mission, they had developers jump on board to support this cause. They made a4cwsn what it was (and please, don't try to tell me it's the same or better now. You'll never know because you didn't have an opportunity to experience it! Its now just a shadow of what it once was.)

I am so proud and honoured to call these ladies my friends.  They have not only endurance that Superman would be jealous of but they also have dignity and class.  (That's not to say they do not have the ability to curse like sailors when need be). When they see something that does not make sense, they don't just sit back. They ask questions. They don't do something just because it's the popular or easy thing to do. They do not stand idly by and watch something bad happen while not saying a word. They speak out.  Despite the attempts at intimidation and the threats.

I love you ladies. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me when I and many others were new at a4cwsn.  Thank you for being strong for myself and others during times when we could not. Thank you for finding the joy and happiness in life. Thank you for sharing and celebrating it not only with me but with all of those around you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bells & Whistles

Recently, A4cwsn has been tweeting and posting on facebook information about a give away for a "loaded (used) iPad1".


Of course, my very smart friends took to twitter and responded with proper information that even though the iPad is "loaded" with apps,

  1. If there were ever any issues with the iPad, one of the first steps Apple recommends is to SYNC the iPad with your computer and the attached iTunes account. 
  2. When apps become updated you need the account name and password to update the apps.
  3. That yes, the iPad could come with the apps, but they would lose the apps if they wanted to sync their own iTunes accounts to the iPad. 
In order to retain all the apps that came preloaded on the iPad that a4cwsn is giving away, the new owner would need the login name and password to the a4cwsn's iTunes account to sync or update the apps and the iOS (if/when there is a new update) on the device.

(Pics that a4cwsn uploaded to showcase the apps that would be preloaded on the iPad)

Without being able to update the apps as the developers update them they basically become obsolete.  There are sometimes glitches, making it so that you cannot access the app, there is updated information you won't have access to, etc. 

Initially a4cwsn replied that of course, we're wrong. That you just simply need to use iCloud.

Which is all fine and dandy, but you still need login information to get into iCloud.

Since we took to twitter to discuss this, suddenly a4cwsn wants to offer up a "year of access" to his iTunes account. 

Which is great, don't get me wrong, but what happens when that year is done?  Suddenly you're in the same spot you were, where you won't be able to update the apps, or if you have any issues with the iPad you would still need to sync it to your own account, losing all of those wonderful apps a4cwsn originally preloaded onto the iPad.
What about when developers stop making apps that are compatible with the iPad1? The iPad3 is rumoured to be releasing very, very soon.
The apps started with the touch screen iPod. Some apps you cannot download onto older generation iPods.  Some apps you cannot use to their full potential on an iPad1 because of the difference between an iPad1 and an iPad2.

Hey, while we're talking about long term promises, what happened to that a4 member that was supposed to get assistance from a4cwsn for a year? 

There were a few posts for about three weeks to followup, and nothing since. Not a word of an update. I bet most of the active followers on a4cwsn right now, don't even have a clue who the person who "won" is. Or even knew that it happened. 

Or, how about those folks who were supposed to get apps for a year. Yes, a few got half of the year, but as far as I'm aware, there are still some who got nothing. 
(I have screen shots of all the promised dates they would get the apps, but this post is already getting pic heavy, if you need to see them, though, let me know and I'll edit and post them!) 

But hey, most of you weren't there to see all of that right, so it doesn't matter? It's all a lie too, right?