Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trying to take the Spotlight

Yesterday a wonderful resourceful site and facebook page were headlined in a prominent manner.

(Full article can be found here)

Gary James and A4CWSN somehow think that by having the a4 page literally scrolled over, and shown for a grand total of about two seconds, that it's been featured or was in the spotlight as well.

Sorry James, you weren't featured, or in the spotlight.  Though I know you seem to think otherwise.

The a4cwsn website will never, ever come close to being that of the website that was featured. There's a big difference between helping special needs families and taking their last ten dollars. I'm pretty sure most can figure out which is which. 

He couldn't just let this wonderful site and owner bask in their glory for actually being featured in this. Nope, he knows himself that he's in a sinking ship. Grasping at straws to say he was featured and in the spotlight of this article.  

Technology in Education is an amazing, wonderful resource for parents, therapists, and well, everyone.  

Here's the link to their facebook page where the most amazing Appy Parties are hosted, and the link to their website

Don't worry Mr James, I'm sure you'll make headlines, someday soon too. Though I doubt they'll be similar in nature to this wonderful site that was featured!


  1. This is very typical behaviour from Gary. Most other review or app-based sites, especially those who focus on children's educational and special needs apps are supportive of each other. For example - Technology in Education, AppAble, Smart Apps for Kids - all have encourage their followers to vote for the iMums and Digital Storytime in the Circle of Moms contest. Giveaways and events are often cross-posted. People from other app-based pages either posted in support of Siva or were silent because they recognized that it was a moment for him to enjoy. A spot of well-deserved recognition for all his hard work.

    Gary is incapable of doing that. It's not just that he can't share the spotlight, he is incapable of collaboration. He sees other app-based sites as a threat. It's ironic that his supporters decry the "attacks" on Gary and ask why can't people just support all resources that help those with special needs, when Gary's only motivation for anything he does is self-interest.

  2. Notice that he could not bring himself to mention the actual site that was featured which is a wonderful site called Technology in education, he also did not give a shout out to the developer that was featured Proloquo2go, he used to bad mouth this app because they did not hand him free stuff!  I hope they continue to see him for the vulture that he is.

  3. I would like to see the fact that Gary James/A4cwsn is being investigated by the Attorney General or maybe how he took money from special needs families last dollars and then refused to account for the money.
    He has given away some ipads but sadly the numbers do not add up when you consider that along with the fact that Mr.James has strong armed developers as well as parents of special needs families even going as far as to threaten the adoptions of special needs children you have one very sick man.

  4. Mandy, if you look through past posts, you'll find all of those topics are covered. :) 

  5. They clearly stated that the site they were supporting was "vetted" which means A4 would not be supported no way to vet when he hides all requested information from supports or those interested.

  6. A mama was having technical difficulties.  I am reposting her comment for her. 

    Anon Says:

    They clearly stated that the site they were supporting was "vetted" which means A4 would not be supported no way to vet when he hides all requested information from supports or those interested. 

  7. I can not say it any better than Deanne Shoyer did. I have witnessed even worse behavior  with regards to other sites in the past. What really confuses me is how blind the faithful are to this truly despicable behavior of his. If you can not 'see' the problem with him claiming to be highlighted and also in taking away the spotlight from another site... well, you deserve what you get.