Monday, September 26, 2011


So, it's been an exciting and busy weekend.

On Friday I drove with the monkeys to our old city and dropped two of them off with their grandparents.
It was an interesting drive, one we've made a million times now since we moved. It was pouring rain, and foggy and just overall gross.  But, the kids did well. They behaved for the most part and no one was injured ;)
After we dropped them off (Big N and little N), we went to visit some friends and it was SO wonderful to see them <3.

We drove home, and went to bed.

On Saturday, we went to the fair with my friend A, who I blogged about previously.  She's so stinkin' awesome. I cannot express her awesomeness to you all.
We picked A and her crew up and of we went around 2pm.  We didn't get home until after midnight!  We were there alllllll afternoon.

We saw all sorts of animals (including, pigs, llamas, chickens, turkeys, chicks, cows, sheep etc!). I won a $50 gas card!! (whooooo!) We saw Monkey#1's most favouritest part: The smash up derby ;)  We watched the entire thing, the first year ever that that has happened.  Normally, we would have had a meltdown of some sort because of the crowd and the noise combination.
This year though, we parked ourselves in a special section that was made just for folks with disabilities.  I think it was mostly intended for people with physical disabilities, but I asked and we were welcomed to the area with open arms.
After the demo, we went and did a few quick rides, grabbed some elephant ears and funnel cake and before we knew it, they were shutting down the park!  We dropped A and her crew off, and came home.  Monkey dude didn't wake up until almost 1pm this afternoon, lol.

Today, was a lazy day. lol

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