Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm so confused?!

Please, quick, someone, halp!!!!  I can't make sense of this!!!!

I also have this copy and pasted status.  At the time, no one grabbed a screen shot, and well, almost every single status update that A4CWSN posted on December 26th, 2011 has been deleted. (No joke, go look).
"A4CWSN  The sad part id I am struggling just like the rest of you, i can't make my mortgage, i can't keep up with my car payments, I'm in debt well past what my wife brings home, but you know that will take care of it's self because I am still going to help those who need it for as long as I can."
If the above three statements are true, that A4CWSN's Gary James' family is struggling every month to pay their bills, then why is this taking place? Or better yet, how is this taking place?

How can he afford to travel to Canada, and then deliver iPads in the US? How can he afford to give a away a cruise, paying for it out of his own pocket?

Another question, if this family is struggling so much every month, why would he give away $30K in iPads, spend all that money to travel and deliver iPads, etc over the last year? He easily could have had the iPads shipped for free (except the used ones, but I know he didn't pay shipping on the used iPad that my family got from another family). He has claimed that his family cannot pay their mortgage or make their car payments  (not that I believe this for a minute, but let's pretend).

If his followers and supporters really cared and supported him, then why is his family struggling so much? Why aren't they telling him to stop, and only to use the donations he's received? That greedy? So focused on getting an iPad at any means it doesn't matter?

For crying out the loud, that man says he can't afford his mortgage! He has *6* children to care for ! (Yes, I know only *4* actually live with him).

But hey, why not give away a cruise and take a vacation to threaten woman in Canada.  Sounds like a fantastic idea to me!

(Ya, that last line? It's called sarcasm).


  1. Looks like the man and his computer better stay home and set up some more ChipIn accounts in his own name to bilk some more money out of unsuspecting SN parents!

  2. My guess is that he's a VIP guest on the Buddy Cruise (check their website) and he has requested free tickets... so he's not ACTUALLY paying for it at all... Mind you, he's going on this cruise... is he bringing along his own SN children???

  3.  He's such a rip-off artiste!
    He even set up a "VIP group for people who give $5 a month - x 1000 people = $5,000 per month.
    The apps he's getting for free - (because he's bullying the developers that IF they don't, he's going to get his "army" to 1 star their app.
    So, now he's getting paid $5K a month... fraudster... *growl*

  4. This man is super manipulative in my opinion, I do not believe a word that comes out of his mouth.
    He claims to be so many things personally as well as professionally and most has turned out to be grandiose thinking on his part, I feel sorry to the people that continue to cling to him and try to believe that he is not a conman.

  5.  and he forgot to mention the advertising $$ he earns on his page...ask
    anyone who ever admined for him. Noone gets an app advertised or
    highlighted for free. So with the little adds alone he brings in enough
    for an ipad a week with a super duper case...and that's just the little
    adds. I hate to think how much all the others are bringing in!!!

  6. Although he *claims* he's ONLY ever had FOUR developers pay to advertise on his site. He says every other one allows on there because he likes the app. Um. I call BS! It costs $450 to have a big ad on there for a month!

  7. Likely not! Last time he went on the cruise he went without any of his family members! What a stellar family man. Give me a break! I can't remember the last time I went away without my kids. And he is constantly looking for ways to run off and deliver iPads and be away from his family as much as possible.

  8. The followers always are told that we have an agenda...
    I would love to know what that agenda is?
    My personal agenda is to know that I have pointed out all of the wonky inconsistencies that this man puts out there.

    I applaud all of the work that this blog has done in order to shine a glaring light on all of the odd and immoral practices of A4CWSN.
    It takes alot of courage to stand up against him as he loves to threaten peoples careers as well as their children.

    For those of you that continue to support his bizarre behavior I must wonder what your agenda is??

  9. Because he's cheating on his wife.. you think he just does videos online for them??? I *doubt* it...

  10. Yeah right the cruise that does not exist!  He never gave it away like he kept saying he was going to.  Never was there an application or anything and especially not on the timeline.  Seems a similarity with the rest of the delays.  Delay this delay that and then think people will forget!  Um, not so much!