Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Write my Name By Injini

Yay! Another App review!

Those who know me, know my obsession with Project Injini Child Development and their apps.  They have a reputation that is stellar, and they're known for high quality apps.

As soon as Injini started posting sneak peak photos on their facebook page wall, I knew I HAD to have this app. Heck, I even posted on their wall saying, I don't know what this is, but I want it!

Here's the Linky-Do for their facebook page.

Yesterday evening, I had to go out to buy new glasses (another story, for another day!), and I was checking out facebook on my iPhone while I waited. My newsfeed was being spammed, finally! Injini's new app had been released and was hitting iTunes Stores!  I was *frantic*.  First, it wasn't yet available in Canada (yes, this gave me a panic attack. I wanted this app bad!!!), then I realized, I didn't have enough in my iTunes account to get it! AHHH! These heart stopping issues were soon put to rest. The app became available in Canada, and a friend gifted me the app!

Let's get down to business though, let's talk about the app, Write my Name, by Injini.


Really? Did you expect anything less from them?!

It's a simple, fantastic app.

There are three different activities within the app, Write my Name;

  • Name Tags
  • Word Cards
  • The Alphabet Book

Within the Name tags setting you can customize 36 tags to any word or phrase you wish.  Phrases or names that are common to your child(ren), change them according to seasonal holidays, anything.  You can also add a photo and a voice recording.

Word Cards is just like it sounds.  You can change between upper and lower case letters. Its has a selection of over 100 sight/dolch words, that kids can practice spelling and printing.
Trace it the first time, the card comes to life with animation. Trace it a second time, and the child gets a star stamp in their word journal.  (Who doesn't love getting a stamp for work well done?!)

The Alphabet Book with ABCs is also just as it sounds, it focuses on tracing the ABCs.  Again having the ability to switch between upper and lower case letters.

In the Settings function, you can switch the app to have a "fingerpaint" mode. It will show a true reflection of what the child is writing.  You can also reset the the Alphabet book, and Word Cards. You can also turn the music on or off.

Of course, you can expect a clean user interface, that is very user friendly (Again, did you really expect anything less?).

Here's a video of my 5 year old, Nathan using the app.

It's currently in the iTunes store for a low intro price of $1.99 ! Get it before the price goes up!

In a future update, I would love to see the ability to have different users within the app.  We have four kids, and all of them will use this app. Tracking progress for each of them would be a wonderful option.

Bravo Project Injini Child Development!!! You've got what one can only expect to be another huge success of an app on your hands!


  1. Great thorough review! The app looks fantastic. I'm going to download it tonight. :)

  2. I am so excited about this app and especially the affordable price by quality app makers Injini.  Gifted it to a friend on the strength of this review. I am sure she and her son will like it as much as I do.I am certainly not disappointed on my decision to buy. Thanks for the video review. It helped make that decision easier. I also only have an ipad1 but I don't think it is a minus as the kids love it regardless.

  3. Great app review Tiffany. Very well written and informative. Loved the video. I am going to have to get this app.

  4. Nice review and enjoy seeing the video of a child using the application.  I'm curious if you can use custom photos that are already uploaded to your iPad1?  Do you need an iPad2 to use custom photos.  

    I plan on using this app with my students.  I know they will enjoy it as the currently we only have apps for tracing letters and not names.  This will let the children practice not only their name but the names of their classmates as well!

  5. To be honest, I didn't try to upload a photo at all.  I'm sure there is a way to upload photos from the iPad1 to it, but all we have it screen caps of different drawings that the kids have done.. ;) 

  6. Nice review! I am really happy to hear that the app is not "perfect". It makes it 100% more genuine and believable! This app will be REALLY for little ones learning to write! Great job Injini.....and Tiffany! :-)

  7. Great App and love the price! My 6 yr old son was glued to this last night. We made personalized name tags of his family and pets. He loved writing the letters of his name and I loved that he got some direction on how to write the letters. This is exactly what he needed at this point in his writing skills.

  8. HUGE THUMBS UP!  I love how you have the pics in there and it is easy to read and would be a great app to use!  My daughter is still doing sight words and struggles with her lower case letters especially and the upper case she tries to write too fast.  This would be great for her.  She is 7 1/2.  THANK YOU TIFFANY for the review.  I will add this to the list that I want if we ever get an ipad, sigh, another story there!