Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A4CWSN, Non profit or Not?

So, even though *I* know A4CWSN is not a nonprofit, I've heard from people who thought it WAS.  I'd like to help clear the air here.  "Very Special People Inc" is supposed to be the non profit sister to A4, also known as VSP, Inc

A4CWSN's Gary James has led a lot of people to believe his site is a non profit.  I mean, I have come across many links where A4CWSN claim non profit/charity status.
I have also found more articles than I can count where it states that A4 is a non profit.  Why weren't there any corrections done to any of these articles?

Gary James has lead a lot of people to believe a lot of things... seems to be a  repetitive pattern here.

Then following pictures show where clearly it states that A4CWSN is a Non Profit, or becoming a non profit.
Again, some of us knew that it was more likely he was referring to VSP, Inc, but with constant new comers to the facebook page, how were they to know? Or non active members.  It's easy to be confused.

The above photo came from a video Gary James posted

The following screen shots will highlight articles where it shows that a4cwsn is a "non profit". I will NOT be sharing linky-dos to any of these articles which are found in a google search, I want to try and protect developers and businesses who were mislead.  I will be sharing lots pretty pictures though :) 

In this picture A4CWSN is described as a Charity.

Just because Gary James has created another company (VSP, Inc) does NOT mean it replaces A4CWSN.



  1. A picture tells a thousand words doesn't it??? Nice post my friend!

  2. Remind me never to piss you off! LOL

  3. Thank you for showing us once again Gary James trues character. Lie and delete when necessary!!

  4. Last time I checked, (within the past week) VSP was also NOT a 'non-profit'.  It was listed as a 'non stock' - which is a completely different animal all together. 

  5. Actually, non-stock is the legal term for a non-profit. Smart ass.


  6. I beg to differ.  It's like the difference between Scotch and Whiskey.  Thank you for the compliment, by the way.

  7. It's a moot point.  A4 is the main topic of discussion, and it is not a nonprofit.

  8. 3rd quote down in the articles list was actually a mistake on my behalf (so doesn't really apply here), I know A4CWSN is not a non-profit so not even sure how I typed that. I mean to edit it but haven't yet (will do it now). Thanks

  9. Oops didn't mean that to be a reply to Rivkah.

  10. thanks for fixing it.  :)