Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pt 1 of Unanswered Questions

Let me preface this by saying it will be long, and pretty picture heavy.  Get comfy.

Last night, the owner/founder of A4CWSN, posted a farewell speech.

He did leave a lot of unanswered questions though.

So, before we get to all of the unanswered questions, let me share with you his farewell speech, just in case you missed it.

Okay, so now that that's over with, onto the questions..

A4CWSN-Aus took part in a competition recently, called the SunSuper.  They won! (Yay for 10 iPads into the hands of kiddies!- being serious!)

To help promote this competition and encourage the members of A4 to vote, A4CWSN, offered a Cruise for a family of four. 

So, no cruise was given away on dec 31st, or Jan 1st... or 2..3... you get the idea..

Jan 4th, this was posted

No cruise give away on, 5...6...7...8...9..10...

On Jan 11th this was posted

Please note that it says the Cruise will be given away during the last week of Jan..And it will  be decided by a panel of judges, through an application process that you can fill out on his website..

Jan 12th, this was posted

Nothing on the 13, 14,15,16,17,18
On Jan 19th this was posted

On the 20th, this was posted

And wouldn't you know it! We're now Jan 28th, and no mention of the cruise since the 19th, where Gary says the application form isn't up on the website yet... If you go to his website... still no application form. 

Now, I'd like to give A4CWSN the benefit of the doubt here, and assume that the cruise will be given away, at some point... With this farewell, so long, goodbye post though and three days left of the month, no application form on the website, I'm just wondering how this cruise is going to be given away, aren't you?  


  1. I'd like to point out. First comment of last night "show of hands who is here tonight" got 84 likes. Far cry from the 11,000+ people on the page. I'm thinking people are finally catching on and don't want to listen to a word he has to say.

  2. I feel that there were many things left unfulfilled, I think it will be quite interesting to see how he handles all of his promises that he made.

  3. Did you know....the IPads 4 the holidays and what went on with that? The 4 were raffled off that week...the remaining 10 supposedly during the Holiday app party Christmas week. Well 4 days into it no I emailed him and asked, why? Because I then started to get really suspicious. Because during that week he was giving away 1 Ipad per night if we got donations in for the Australia/New Zealand campaign. I started thinking ok wait were are these Ipads coming from...seriously does this guy just have 1000's of Ipads laying around. So I asked him when he was raffling off the remaining 10 ipads....his reply... he has been given them away all week. I said the ipads that are being given out every night for bring in 1000.00's a night for the "New Campaign" are the ipads that people BOUGHT raffle's tickets for? He said yes they were. Thats when I left..... I wonder how many of those new that? How many family member that donated or other A4 members who donated for other members knew that they only had that one time to be in the raffle.  But if you bring in more money you might just get one!!!! This guy is a disgrace,

  4. This is just one of quite a few schemes left unfinished, from I've seen.  I am so glad people were keeping track of it all.  I think his farewell made a few more people realize something isn't quite right.  Like KS said, there are so many that are only able to check the page frequently, and I think most of them are clueless.  I happened to check in one night late last year when someone posted something "negative", and it was all gone in the morning.  Nobody explained anything to the others checking in at that point.  It was all "let's just move on, be positive, the sticks would be happier, oh those eeeevil, jealous women, rah rah rah!!" WHAT do these people have to gain by trying to alert others to fraud?  Think about it.  NOTHING!  What does he have to gain by denying it all, and not offering financials for last year, and now for this year?  EVERYTHING.  He tosses a few things out to appease everyone, and only a few see that all is not right.In the end, all I have to say is this (for now).  Just think of where this could have gone.  What if Gary had been open and upfront with those that were asking rather important questions when dealing with TENS of THOUSANDS of OTHER people's dollars?  I shudder to think of what A4 could have accomplished with the wonderful parents that are there, and with his ideas and marketing strategies.  (Got to give him that!)  HE is the one that is stopping that progress.  If he was really in it for the kids...I daresay none of us would be blogging and tweeting the things we are.

    Just my opinion.

  5. It's called a Pyramid Scheme - kind of like a Ponzi Scheme with products.
    He's a con for sure.

  6. I've always thought it smelled like a Ponzi - from the first moment I went to the page and started reading and talking to others.  I was naive though, and wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt.  I clicked like, I shared posts, I went to the developers pages and left msgs on behalf of A4 (sorry I did that!).  Then the more I saw, the raffles and the contests, the giveaways - nothing was being ran properly - fairly - LEGITIMATELY.  Then 'The Monkey People' started asking questions - people were kicked out and banned - posts were made full of drama (to later be deleted so no one 'important' saw them).  We were given lists of names, and to be sure these people weren't on our friends lists, or he'd NEVER help us (ie., we'd never win - but if it was legit, how could he have stopped that?)  People weren't getting what they were promised.  He made secret pages for his special people.  He alias's and other peoples fb pages (with their permission) to spy on others pages.  If we asked questions we were labeled as trouble makers - if we DARED to ask again, we were black listed. 

    And now he bows out of A4, to run A4 from behind the scenes?  I don't trust him as far as I can throw him.  The new admins have posted time and again that if you post a question about any of these things, it will be deleted, and you will be banned.  Niiiice.  No, he hasn't left.  He hasn't gone anywhere.

  7. IMO he's bowing out because he had attorney's tell him you have a big fat mouth and your just digging a bigger hole for yourself.  Shut up already...he has no means to be able to bite his tongue so this is the only way for him to do to remove himself from the Facebook page and twitter.

    As for the pyramid scheme..YUP!

    As for the cruise....I can tell you this...I am a moderator for a very large website that partners with other site and blogs for contests occasionally.  Our owner knows that: 

    A.  She legally has to keep her end of the bargain when it comes to the contest.  When we say we are going to give away XYZ..we have to give it away..exactly how we say we are going to give it away..and there have been times..when we realize..someone is actually "scamming" the system....and she has even contacted her attorney's about it, to see if there was anything we could do about it. She has fine print, lots of words and sticks to them.  Without it she is opening herself up to being sued, and she knows she will lose.
    B.   If she is going to partner up with another company and they fall through, she bucks up and either pays for the prize herself or something similar that will satisfy the winner.   And yes this has happened, thus she is very careful that she never pairs up with something she couldn't pay for herself.  She's in no mood to be sued for a Bait and Switch type lawsuit.

  8. Dug, I don't mean to harsh your buzz, but I don't understand your post. 

    As to the 'rules' of the drawings and raffles, he would state them - in print - on the A4 fb page.  Then the rules would oddly and or magically change - if there was a raffle/drawing at all.  There was no 'fine print'.  He wasn't being scammed - WE were.

    I apologize if I completely misunderstood what you were trying to say.

  9. I have a hard time understanding why Buddy Cruise continues to back him! They have repeatedly stated their support.  I hope this will now open their eyes as well.  Far too many people are wanting to stick their head in the sand.  THEY are allowing him to get away with far more than they realize.

    Most have no idea of the threats he has made against people OFF Facebook.  His requests to call him privately, followed by his phone number, more often than not meant threats, humiliation and intimidation to keep the caller quiet.  

    A4cwsn did NOT keep promises that were made. This is only the tip of the iceberg as I'm sure Four Monkeys will provide with more blog posts, more screen shots and proof.

    My greatest wish is that A4 supporters will understand that "WE" who have taken a stand, do so in order to free us from the threats and the intimidation.  "We" do what we do to STOP this cycle of abuse and deceit of Parents with SN children.
    Those of us that have file individual reports with the CT AG office do NOT want to be seen as "HATERS".  That is not our purpose.  We can not stress enough how much we loved that community and how heart breaking it was to leave - willingly or not.  

    This man is little more than another Mike Wuerthele of Marissa's Bunny with a little more window dressing.....and a few more iPads.

  10. It makes me sad how his followers describe him as a good and trustworthy man. If they knew half of what this good man get's up to I ask my self would they still support him? Or are they so desperate for an ipad or hope for others they are willing to turn a blind eye towards his bullying, deception, intimidation and theft as long as they get what they need? I made excuse after excuse for his online hissy fits and the followers response to anyone who dared question his behaviour and his lack of professionalism. He's stressed, he likes to be a drama queen, were the excuses I made for myself. I ignored the deletion of posts. I made excuses for him and I wasn't even there for an ipad!! Now he has banned and blocked most of the women who helped him get where he is and the newbies aren't even aware of who we are or why we are banned. Tonight on twitter an 'educator' called us A4cwsn haters. We have never hated A4cwsn and it's community. We have been concerned about the community and where the donated funds have gone to. We asked for transparency in regards to where the donated  funds were going. We have asked him to treat people with respect. In return he threatened teaching licenses, he threatened to sue us individually, he made veiled threats to the parents of adopted and fostered children. And people still think he is a good man? A lot more has gone on that is not written here because it is up to those who have met the other side of Gary James to come forward if they so chose in regards to sexual impropriety. That is not our concern. Our concern is the funds and how he is dispersing the ipads that he decides to give away to make himself look legit. Honestly though, should an ipad go to the person with the prettiest daisy picture or a child who truly needs it?? Open your eyes up people and see how you are being treated!! Perhaps try asking the difficult questions to him and see how you are treated!

  11. lol those big long GOOD BYE FAREWELL speeches when people "leave the internet" lol  They crack me up.  Just sayin' :D

  12. More questions: what happened to the 5 iPads donated by Mobile Ed Store?
    What will be done with the Mobile Ed money to be donated to a4? Is that going to a4 FB or a4 LLC? Either way no accountability.

  13. There is nothing wrong with a for profit or nonprofit having overhead or administrative costs... Gary could have been honest about that. Even give forward says there is a 7% overhead, so the charity will have 7% deducted from what is raised. Being new to A4 I did not like the name calling when an honest question we answered, and the weird way of winning aps... I have to be on the page and post to win anything. I'm taking care of my kids. There was no privacy statement on the website for all the iPad applications. Imagine if someone gets their hands on people's personal info. I don't even twitter, but after Gary's goodbye, I decided to search more on some of the questions I had. I would have loved to donate, but I wanted to know about how my money would be spent. No one could answer that. What about the groups he formed about everyone giving $5/ month to buys aps for the A4 page. That sounds really fishy too. Never do they make it clear that it is not tax deductible. Thanks for all the info you have provided here on your blog. You are not a hater, rather you are just trying to shine light on the truth.

  14. We answered = was asked...

  15. ***Update***, It's now Monday Jan 30th... still NO cruise has been given away! What a shocker :/

  16. I gaurantee that I could name 4 people that are active on the A4 page, and that one of them would be the winner - IF it ever happened.  Every time I logged on to see things being 'won', it was always to a certain, extremely brown-nosed few.  Very sad and disheartening.

  17.  I know you were being scammed..what I'm trying to explain is a point of reference.  If you recall at one point he stated that the SunSuper folk were not following their end of the bargain bla bla bla (trying to go from memory here).  I'm not saying that was legit..I have no idea..  What I"m saying is.  You all can SUE GARY for changing those rules midstream for each contest he held, where he changed the rules.  Whether he didn't end up finishing the contest, he changed the rules, he changed the criteria, the date, if money had to be brought in to be qualified ect...

    Gary is opening himself up to being sued again and again and again.  This is why you have fine print.  Otherwise, he's leading you on, changing the rules for his own profit..and you sue...heck for as many that are out can file a class action lawsuit if you want to.

    So as for why I mention that the owner of the blog site I work for, why she runs it the way she runs it...does that make more sense why I mention it?  That is how your supposed to do it.  So when you have some whiny Gary lover saying "but XYZ company backed out"  well then in reality then what Gary is supposed to do is find a way for that contest to go forward either exactly how it is supposed to or replicate it as best as they can."  None of us believe that actually even happened..that was just the excuse of the day.  But that is the come back you have for those living in Gary unreality land.  If you go to the length of suing Gary you can have the Facebook records subpoena'd that will show the original rules.  Facebook keeps all of those.  Same with all the crap Gary has been deleting off of his page.  It's still there, in Facebook land.

  18. Honestly , i wanna know how these app developers and Buddy are still seeming to support him? I am sorry but there is something wrong with those people behind that. Secondly a fare well yet he continues to post? 
    Honestly it is funny only 84 liked his post of how many hands of who is here. Perhaps that 11,000 is only there to reveal his scam's? 
    Your blog is absolutely amazing. If only i had the nerve to post blog's of my expereinces. But i am already hated by so many who are STILL part of A4cwsn even after everything. So i will leave you to your job because you truly know how to reveal what that man is truly. 
    Big ups to you momma !!

  19. Interesting that you show a post by the cruise winner.  Jan 20 post.