Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let's talk about money.

At the beginning of the year, a friend of mine created a PDF of all the a4cwsn status updates (minus the deleted ones of course) dating back to mid June.

I took four days and read the 900+ PDF and documented all tangible donations.

Here's pics (2 parts) of the PDF that was sent to the Attorney General- Consumer Protection Dept Investigator. Click on the pics to enlarge.

Keep in mind, recorded donations are those that are tangible. So, items not included would be:
  • Paypal Donations
  • Cash donations/Cheque Donations
  • Percentage of sales from App Developers
  • Affiliate links
  • High value promo codes from Developers
  • iTunes widget (5% of all sales)
The above post was made in August.  Imagine how much came through that iTunes widget as the page numbers grew.

Oh but hey, A4CWSN says only 43K...

Obviously, these aren't all the financials. This is just a small glimpse of the financials that we put together.

I have to ask, why would it be so difficult for A4cwsn to diclose the paypal donations records? Or the iTunes widget information, or the percentage received from sales from developers. Why is this considered such classified information to him? Why does he boast about everything else, but he won't show the community what wonderful things they accomplished? Why not give developers due credit?

He has said all financial information is public, to look it up on, but we know that isn't the only source of donations.

There is so much money that has gone unaccounted for. That a4cwsn refuses to acknowledge. The biggest question is why?


  1. Mama! You are awesome :) So proud to know you!

  2. I think the real biggest question is why do people continue to support this guy when he's obviously a scammer?

  3. Absolutely amazing bravo momma !!!!!!

  4. Raises absolutely valid and stunningly obvious questions!

  5. IRS IRS IRS IRS. Isn't April 15 th right around the corner.

  6. Let me take a wild guess... He has yet to file his federal income taxes. Tick tick tick. April 15th is right around the corner. Very well done.

  7. I think the key phrase is "support this guy" because that is what everyone is doing....financially supporting someone who throws a few "bones" out once in a while while pocketing the rest.

  8. I would not trust this man with a wooden nickle, he has given a few ipads that others have donated but there is something desperately wrong here on many different levels!
    Anyone that will attack special needs mothers or threaten to interfere in adoptions obviously is not the type of person that I want to see in the special needs community.

    I have to believe that there are things that this man is hiding that will eventually come to light, Sadly he is still pulling in thousands each and every month to line his own pockets.

  9. People keep supporting him because they think he can give their child an iPad.  It's sad to see people posting, begging for an iPad for a child. He is a liar, he is mentally unstable, if you doubt that, I'd say read the old posts, but unfortunately he deletes his rants and threats.  He also posts people's personal information on Twitter and FB.  If he's one man with a computer, I wish someone would unplug the computer before he destroys the legitimate people that are truly trying to help our kidsl