Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bells & Whistles

Recently, A4cwsn has been tweeting and posting on facebook information about a give away for a "loaded (used) iPad1".


Of course, my very smart friends took to twitter and responded with proper information that even though the iPad is "loaded" with apps,

  1. If there were ever any issues with the iPad, one of the first steps Apple recommends is to SYNC the iPad with your computer and the attached iTunes account. 
  2. When apps become updated you need the account name and password to update the apps.
  3. That yes, the iPad could come with the apps, but they would lose the apps if they wanted to sync their own iTunes accounts to the iPad. 
In order to retain all the apps that came preloaded on the iPad that a4cwsn is giving away, the new owner would need the login name and password to the a4cwsn's iTunes account to sync or update the apps and the iOS (if/when there is a new update) on the device.

(Pics that a4cwsn uploaded to showcase the apps that would be preloaded on the iPad)

Without being able to update the apps as the developers update them they basically become obsolete.  There are sometimes glitches, making it so that you cannot access the app, there is updated information you won't have access to, etc. 

Initially a4cwsn replied that of course, we're wrong. That you just simply need to use iCloud.

Which is all fine and dandy, but you still need login information to get into iCloud.

Since we took to twitter to discuss this, suddenly a4cwsn wants to offer up a "year of access" to his iTunes account. 

Which is great, don't get me wrong, but what happens when that year is done?  Suddenly you're in the same spot you were, where you won't be able to update the apps, or if you have any issues with the iPad you would still need to sync it to your own account, losing all of those wonderful apps a4cwsn originally preloaded onto the iPad.
What about when developers stop making apps that are compatible with the iPad1? The iPad3 is rumoured to be releasing very, very soon.
The apps started with the touch screen iPod. Some apps you cannot download onto older generation iPods.  Some apps you cannot use to their full potential on an iPad1 because of the difference between an iPad1 and an iPad2.

Hey, while we're talking about long term promises, what happened to that a4 member that was supposed to get assistance from a4cwsn for a year? 

There were a few posts for about three weeks to followup, and nothing since. Not a word of an update. I bet most of the active followers on a4cwsn right now, don't even have a clue who the person who "won" is. Or even knew that it happened. 

Or, how about those folks who were supposed to get apps for a year. Yes, a few got half of the year, but as far as I'm aware, there are still some who got nothing. 
(I have screen shots of all the promised dates they would get the apps, but this post is already getting pic heavy, if you need to see them, though, let me know and I'll edit and post them!) 

But hey, most of you weren't there to see all of that right, so it doesn't matter? It's all a lie too, right? 


  1. Just thought I would point out that in all of Gary's posts he covers his a$$ by saying "could" come with. Just noticing the wording used so he can turn around and say, I never said it "would" I said it "could" which gives him a loop hole... Just saying....

  2. there is always a loop hole.

    None of this is to say that this iPad couldn't be used for good either.

    its to say that as he's presenting it, it's not a feasible option.
    If he gifted the iPad and said it will come with apps installed, but you'll need to sync it to your own account, but you can try these for a little while, well, that makes sense. 

  3. Thank for putting my questions and concerns in context. I think an iPad is a wonderful assistive technology device. I think for SN families it is a life line for their children. I am eternally grateful to the developer that had a promotion for my son to "win" his iPad. I would have eagerly accepted a used ipad1. My concerns are the terms of the advertised "gift" that Mr. Gary James of A4 is offering. I want the families to be aware that they do not own those apps and will not be able to sync the device to their personal iTunes account. My intent was to clarify the true value of the prize being offered. Good luck to whomever receives the iOS device, I sincerely hope your child benefits from an amazing piece of assistive technology. I will be the first to send you an iTunes card to purchase apps that you will need to own yourself. I will watch A4 and send the winner a message, so I can get them an iTunes card.

  4. I wonder if the iPad will include TextPlus? Heard it's a favorite of A4!

  5. Princess AnastasiaMarch 7, 2012 at 2:02 PM

    Yes, I noticed that too. 

  6. Hey! The iPad3 is going to be released on March 16th, and iOS 5.1 is available today! ;)

  7. And I note some of the apps he's giving away... Flipboard?? How much does that cost? How "relevant" is it to children? So, now he's taking credit for giving FREE apps away??
    I'm not going to go through it app by app... but here's a "quick and bloody obvious" count of the apps HE is "giving away.
    1. Emoji
    2. Epi(curious).. Cooking apps really??
    3. AutismApps
    4. ABA (DTT) x 4 apps
    5. Touch trainer
    6. where's my water?
    7. Virutoso Piano FREE
    8. Twitter
    9 Netflix
    10. My first puzzles/slider

    Now, I haven't looked EVERY app up... but these alone, you could get on your own account... for free. 

    He's taking credit for giving Facebook app away? Really???

    What a shonkster.

  8. I would be thankful for an iPad full of apps, no matter which way you put. You all are reaching for things that don't matter and need to get a life instead of taking away from those of us that appreciate what Gary does. SICK!

  9.  But we're not sure that the "winning" person will get it.
    Or that it goes to someone who actually NEEDS one..
    (seeing as he gave one to his lawyer - who doesn't even HAVE a special needs child)... And did all manner of things that were ethically wrong. And have you heard how he speaks to these people? You would support someone who was so low as to do the things he has done? Online affairs of him "relieving" himself sexually... THIS is someone you would support? I've heard of selling your soul to the devil... but to ACTUALLY do it.. to support someone who is OBVIOUSLY ripping you all off?? Why??? WHY????