Friday, March 2, 2012

Dear App Developers

Dear App Developers,

Recently a facebook page & website, A4CWSN, completed a 50/50/50 tour.  50 iPads, 50 children, 50 states. Well, this turned out to be 48 iPads, 48 children and 48 states (Utah & South Dakota do not have children who got iPads).

Before this tour started, you were approached.  You were asked to donate to the cause.  You were asked to donate money (and were urged to donate at least $100 if not more) and you were asked to donate codes for your apps so that these iPads could be "loaded" for these special children. Some of you went above and beyond and even donated iPad(s).

A4CWSN created a private group for the winners of these iPads, so that the codes could be given out.  If codes were not used within the group, they were quickly given out on the main A4CWSN facebook page.
Some people had children in hospital when codes were given out, and some just aren't online much. Some didn't check the group often enough.

The following photo, A4CWSN boasts about how awesome and amazing these iPads will be for our special children.

The following series of photos are of shout outs with thank you's from A4CWSN for donating codes to the campaign.

Here's a list of apps that actually went out and the number of codes that were given.
(It should be known, I have had this list confirmed by members still in the group. There is also a previous blog post about these app codes- Linky-do, she has since been removed from this group, because of the exchange that took place. I have listed the app, the # of codes and the value of the app if purchased, you will however find, that the value does not come close to what was promoted by A4CWSN)
  • Smart Apps 4 
    • Look in my Eyes Steam Train 2 or Restaurant or House 
      • 2.99/app
  • Ocean House Media
    • The Berenstain Bears Play a Good Game 
      •  5 codes -- 3.99/app
    • The Berenstain Bears Faithful Friends 
      •  5 codes -- 3.99/app
  • Just for You 
    •  10 codes -- .99c/app
  • If I Ran the Zoo 
    •  9 codes -- 1.99/app
  • When I Get Bigger 
    •  10 codes -- .99c/app
  • The Foot Book 
    •  10 codes -- 1.99/app
  • PictureBook 
    •  46 codes -- .99c/app
  • ChoiceWorks 
    •  23 codes --  14.99/app
  • Puzzingo 
    •  10 codes -- 1.99/app
  • ABC Shakedown Plus 
    •  4 codes -- Free
  • ABC on the Go 
    •  4 codes -- 1.99/app
  • Let's Bead Friends 
    •  4 codes-- .99/app
  • Tap Times Table 
    •  8 codes -- 1.99/app
  • Math Plus Minus 
    •  8 codes -- 1.99/app
  • iLiveMath Farm Fresh 
    •  5 codes -- 4.99/app
  • iLiveMath Animals of Asia 
    •  5 codes -- 4.99/app
  • iLiveMath Botany 
    •  5 codes -- 4.99/app
  • iLiveMath Winter 
    •  5 codes -- 4.99/app
  • iLiveMath Animals of Africa 
    •  5 codes -- 4.99/app
  • iLiveSpelling Mammal 
    •  5 codes -- 4.99/app
  • iLive Math Ford Cars 
    •  5 codes -- 4.99/app
  • My PlayHome 
    •  46 codes -- 2.99/app
  • Mary's Little Lamb or Jack & Jill 
    •  23 codes of each -- 1.99/app
  • PicPocket Books - Dinosaurs 
    •  15 codes-- .99/app
  • Sonoflex 
    • 3 codes -- Was gifted when on sale for .99c
  • iBaby Button
    •  was made as a free app for one day
  • Puzzingo 
    •  was made as a free app for one day
Unfortunately, we have come to find out that all that has been promised has not happened. There is a long history of half truths and misrepresentation's that has taken place here. 

Not every single person of this 50/50/50 group would have gotten each app, as you can see, there were limited numbers of each app code. Let's pretend for a minute that they did though.  That would make a grand total of $82.76 in app value.  Add in the cost of the 16gb iPad2 (no 3G) ($499 + tax = approx $528) and you have a grand total of $82.76 + $528 = $610.78. (The total would be different if Sonoflex hadn't been bought on sale, the total app value would be $181.77, and the total iPad value would be $709.77, which is still a significant difference from the value given and quoted & promoted by A4CWSN)

I recently spoke with Lois Annette Smith. She very graciously donated 3 iPads for this tour.  This is what she had to say when we talked about the apps that were to go on the iPads.
"I remember when I donated those iPads, feeling good that they were getting all those apps, because if a family cannot afford the iPad, there is a good chance that they cannot afford the apps. It really breaks my heart."
I am urging you, the app developers, to make good on your word to those who missed out on being able to get these apps that were promised to these parents and children.
They are not greedy for seeking what was promised to them (as has been implied, and said by a4cwsn when people have asked about promised "prizes").
Also, I hope you understand, that no one is faulting the developers here. You are a bystander caught in the crossfires unfortunately.
You were told one thing, and sadly, something else altogether has taken place.

In future, it might be wise for developers, and organizers to create an email database and have developers contact winners directly with the codes for their wonderful apps, so that hopefully a situation like this can be avoided.

If you would like to right this wrong that has been done, please contact me, and I will put you in touch with those who did not get their promised apps. If you do contact me, please know that it will be done with 100% complete confidence. No one except you, myself and the iPad recipient will know.


Earlier today I was contacted by a member in the 50/50/50 iPad group.  She sent me some really great screen shots.  Too many for me to post.  I have from those screen shots created one picture that lists all the apps that the 50/50/50 iPad recipients got.  Of course, the fact remains that not everyone got every app. There were limited number of codes available and only a few of the apps were there enough for everyone to get the app.  In this photo you will find the complete list.


  1. Utah was the forgotten state I believe. And make that 47 kids as one recipient did not have a special needs child.

  2. We did receive our ipad which we promised to my daughters special needs classroom. We did not receive notice or word when apps were given out nor were we invited to the group. My daughters teacher was told,"The total value of the iPAD and the apps that I will send you in December are well worth more than $1200.00. I will contact your or Mom as soon as they are available and will be available to assist you with any help you may need."
    She was never contacted and neither was I. When I posted a question about when the apps would be available I was unfriended.
    I had done nothing but support this cause until this.
    Terri Keele Vejrosta...Mother to Abigail. 7 years old...Rett Syndrome

  3. It really is a shame that the app developers have been placed in this position by A$CWSN! For those parents that are NOT AWARE that it was A$CWSN that didn't give out all the promised app codes donated by the developers and not the fault of the developers, it could really make their SN parent base upset enough not to purchase an app developed by someone who they think may be involved in A$CWSN's scam.

    Check that link out for the Utah iPad.  Scroll down and read the comments.  Look for the name Jayme

  5. December 16, 2011Beth Wilde
    Hi Gary! I was wondering when we will be receiving the codes for the apps for Jackie's iPad. We are making a Christmas Wish List of apps and am curious what ones we will be receiving so we don't purchase duplicates.
    Thank you!

    December 16, 2011Gary James
    This is in the hands of the developers, i predict between now and Frbuary we should have all donated, they will go out as they come in, you should get Sosh today i think

    December 16, 2011Beth Wilde
    Should I contact the developers directly? Jessica told the group that you have the codes and would be providing them when you were back from the deliveries. The Sosh code I was given today is expired.

    December 16, 2011Gary James
    No, just wait, we are moving as fast as possible and the devs are doing all they can, will be in Jan

    December 16, 2011Beth Wilde
    Okay! Let me know what I can do to help.

    January 16Beth Wilde

  6. I have the conversation shown above still in my Inbox. Even though he blocked me on Facebook it is still there. :)

  7. I have SS where it says he doesn't know what apps are going to be given.  It was in Dec.  It was up to all the developers, and who decided to donate.   

    Mismanagement at it's finest. 

  8. You don't have them all!

  9. Wow Terri. I did not know that happened. I wondered where you were since you supported A4 so adamantly. :(

  10. Wouldn't have anything to do with your lies and 1/2 truths?

  11. Please, do share the rest with us :)  

    I had contact with two members of the private group today, and they confirmed this list was accurate.  If it isn't though... please share with us and I will edit :) 
    I'll even give credit to you! :)

  12. just because the developer said they would does not mean they went through with their end of the deal, especially after all the lies this group has been telling them! I for one and VERY happy with what I got! 

  13. Open your eyes already! This is very tiresome...trying to clue you all in. Maybe you should write one of those online papers or something, OH WAIT hahahaha you already did that.  Hows that working out for ya?

  14. Princess AnastasiaMarch 2, 2012 at 10:46 PM

    I'm sorry Terri.

  15. Well, I do have an email noting that Sosh codes were expired.. from Jessica.. and that Gary was aware.. I also know he had those codes for quite some time before he forwarded the codes.. :)  

  16. Princess AnastasiaMarch 2, 2012 at 10:47 PM

    I'm sorry Beth.

  17. Princess AnastasiaMarch 2, 2012 at 11:05 PM

    While it may be true that a developer here or there may have changed their mind, can you imagine the repercussions of such?  It wouldn't have been in their best interests once onboard to jump ship. 
    I'm glad you're happy with what you've gotten - but some of these parents have quite seriously difficult times, financially speaking, and winning such a prize would have been practically a once in a life time event, something they may never have been able to achieve thru their own funds.  To be promised something, and have your name used as a promotional device for a site that seemingly isn't all above the board, is horrible and disgusting. 

  18.  Wait. Is this Rumisha or Gary? I know she lets him use her Facebook account to troll FB. I am sure she has A-OK'd the use of her name on blog comments too. hmmmmm...

  19. FUNNY! I checked the IP when I saw the post because the reason you just stated! LOL

    It appears to be the real Rumisha Rice!

    Well.. at least for now? lol

  20. Yet another Blog by Tiffany Squires and Anne Yates with no interest in the facts. You complain to developers and tweet over 100 of them not to support A4 and some don't, then you complain that the Apps aren't there, wow!! Also Terri, you were not a 50 iPad recipient. Also this was not a Prize, it was a gift. A gift that I did not have to make happen or set up or even deliver by hand but I did because I wanted to help Children. Maybe those who don't think and iPad2 with a case and Apps totaling over $700 is good enough should give it to a family who does. None of this is the developers fault, it is your fault for spreading lies about A4 and the community. Thief, Hacker, Adulterer, Pedophile, Idiot, Fuck, Twat, Dick, Wanker, fucker, scumbag, just some of the names and crimes you have accused me of and all for no other reason other than to try and take down A4. You have no proof of any crimes, but you still post the words Fraud, thief, Scammer etc... 
    What have I done in the last year, helped over 130 children to get an iPad, spent $20,000+ of my own money to do so and raised $40,000 + to help make it happen. Every single penny has gone to children with Special Needs and more. I look forward to the day in court when all of this will be public and to show everyone who believes your crap, just how wrong you are. 

  21.  It's like a wrestling match. I am sure he will be tagging in soon.

  22. wow Potty Mouth Mr. James on top of being a Total Fraud TSK TSK TSK

  23.  I think it is so cute that you are such a fan of Tiffany that you anxiously wait for any new blog posts. I think it's great you are finally posting as yourself. Although I think it's hilarious when you grace our presence while pretending to be random women. Funny stuff! Feel free to pull another Mrs. Doubtfire. We all LOVE to watch it happen!

  24. You didn't do squat...but complain when not enough was done. Made everyone crazy with trying to support you and the community you created. But that community raised the money, not you.....all you did was take credit for it. Maybe if you had been honest and said hey I couldn't get all that I promised, then people wouldn't be upset with you. 

  25. I've compared it to this before. It's like someone being given a family trip to disney. Everyone gets on the plane, flies to Disney, checks into the hotel, and then is told that there are NO disney passes included. Good chance that the family can't afford the disney passes. Are they greedy for asking what happened to the passes? Not at all. Give me a break. It doesn't make people greedy to ask what was supposed to be given. Especially when what was promised was intended to HELP their SN child.

  26.  I know, right? He forgets all the names he has called everyone. He called me a P*ssy on Twitter. He's made more than one comment about someone's sexual orientation (can you say HATE CRIME). But yes. He is an angel.

  27. I agree, so maybe you should not have tweeted developers NOT TO SUPPORT A4, If you had not done this, then there would be no reason for people not to get the Apps would there? You got what you wanted, developers not supporting A4, now your crying about it!

  28.  OK. So lets compare the SOSH codes to tickets. It's like someone was given tickets they were supposed to give this family. But instead they burned the tickets (you know, kind of like letting them expire). But oh ya, it's totally all everyone elses fault. You had nothing to do with letting them expire.

  29. I never saw any tweets to developers til Feb. Course  that is very easy to go look up on twitter.....

  30. Very informative blog! I hope the developers realize and recognize how they were duped and how the very community they tried to help do not blame those very developers for the dishonesty of those involved. Shameful, truly shameful.

  31.  I know it's all very confusing , but didn't everyone leave BECAUSE of this and then take action? No one was  contacting developers while still supporting and still a part a part of A$ waiting for their apps?

  32. Rumisha Rice, you keep saying that...if you can provide one verification of an omission in the blog, please do so! I find it to be asinine that you don't back wht you are saying yy keep accusing the blog of 1/2 truths. Disprove it if you can with proof.

  33. Lmao....Anne Yates assisting itch writing this blog...damn you are delusional!

  34.  I am sure Ann will be surprised to hear this. :-)

  35. Terri Keele VejrostaMarch 3, 2012 at 12:45 AM

     Gary...Yes I was not part of the 50/50/50. I won the ipad after one of your 10.00 per ticket raffles. You were to give away a 64 g ipad loaded with apps for a total of 1200.00 prize package. When you didnt pull the raffle for weeks after you said you were going to you announced that you would be giving away 2 since you took so long to draw and since we all waited so patiently. It was only after the draw you told me mine wouldn't be 64g and wouldnt be loaded with apps. I was fine with that. I also pleaded with you not to kill yourself with this trip. I told you you could just mail ours as to not go out of your way. I offered you a hotel stay and meals.
    When you told the teacher in my presence that she would be getting the apps and you would either send them to her or to me I was shocked but really really grateful. You told us both December.You told her you would help her every step of the way.
    When I asked in late January an estimated time I got no answer and the next time I went to A4 it had the like sign as I was no longer a member. I went to ask you directly and you were no longer my friend.
    All I did was support you and your cause. With my time, my blog and my money. Your comments above after my name make it appear as if I posted all that stuff of which you speak and I did not.Not on my blog or anywhere else. I tucked my tail and went away quietly. Slightly destroyed yet I did.
    I think it's terrible the way this all went. I hate that Abby's class, teachers, aides and parents will have to come up with apps. I hate that the cause and the man I held in so high regard would back down from a promise or simply not admit that he got in way over his head and instead lash out at any and all who tried to help him. It makes me very very sad.

  36. Very eloquently said

  37. Sorry to inform Mr. J., but App Developers have been trying to distance themselves for some time now.  However, they have been afraid of the repercussions if they showed one ounce of "disloyalty" to the GREAT ONE.  How can someone stand up to "You can have 10k "likes" on your FB page and iTunes reviews or you can have 10K bad reviews"? With that kind of intimidation, it's easy to see why it's taken developers so long to get the message.  They are, after all, in a new and unstable market and support can NOT be taken for granted.

    Thankfully, most ARE getting the message that this "Group" is not what is appears to be, but only one huge power trip and money maker for ONE individual.

    They (Developers) see the misrepresentations.  They see the deceit and 1/2 truths. Many have stated time and again they are AFRAID backlash and his intimidation tactics. I have first hand knowledge of this from communication with developers, when I NEVER even brought up the topic of this FB page in our conversation.  Developers ARE asking questions and have been (privately) since NOVEMBER!!!!.....and BTW I never tweeted to any DEVELOPER NOT to follow or support this group.

  38.  :(  That is beyond upsetting. I hope you have somehow found the funds to buy the apps for your daughter to use the ipad in the classrooom environment. Otherwise I would imagine it is nothing more than an expensive doorstop!!

  39. So what Gary is saying is that all of the companies that we thanked during the trip because we were told that they would be providing apps for these ipads did not follow through?

    So if we gathered a list of the developers that we were sent to thank side by side with the list of apps that were actually distributed how would it line up?

    Did SOSH back out or were the codes left to expire?

    I certainly would not blame the developers for not supporting A4CWSN but I believe there is alot more to the back story.

    I donated 3 ipads as well along with over $600.00  I was under the belief that these donations of apps and cases were already secure.

  40. Princess AnastasiaMarch 3, 2012 at 12:23 PM

    Telling someone they don't have a dog in the fight, so they should sit down and shut up are bullying antics, and if there's anything I can't stand, it's a lying, grifting, cheating bully.

  41.  Why would anyone give you anything when you all change the facts and only share what you want? You use everything against everyone but yourselves. You all make me sick!

  42. To anyone reading or participating in this Blog Written by Tiffany Squires and Anne Yates, please note the following.

    A4cwsn and Very Special People Inc are currently seeking legal action for Defamation and other charges.

    We also have involved the Police and Internet Crimes division in Connecticut who are looking into the promotion and publication of Pornography, promoted by Tiffany Squires not only on her Blog and Facebook Page but also on Twitter.

    The Police are in contact with Google in Mountain View and Vimeo in NYC to recover information pertinent to our case. Once we have this information, we will proceed.

    We have spent the past 2 months gathering information from community members of A4cwsn who were contacted by Tiffany Squires and emailed or PM'd information about certain crimes committed by A4 such as Theft and Hacking and the latest incident involving pornographic material.

    Developers have come forward to offer support and to pass on information, emails, Tweets, PM's  etc... that were received from others asking them to not support A4cwsn because of illegal activity.

    We take this very seriously and intend to prosecute ALL of those involved to the fullest extent of the law.

    The A4cwsn community Very Special People Inc has always tried to help others and we will continue to do so. 

    Anyone else who would like to forward information for us to give to the Police / Lawyers may contact me We shall nor release your name but will pass all information on to the authorities.

    What Is Defamation?

    Defamation is false and unprivileged spoken words or written
    publication, which exposes any living person to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or
    which causes him/her to be shunned or avoided, or which has a tendency to
    injure him/her in his/her trade or occupation.


    What Are The Elements Of A Defamation Claim?

    The party making a
    defamation claim (plaintiff) must ordinarily prove four elements:

    1. a publication to one other than the person defamed;

    2. a false statement of fact;

    3. that is understood as

    A. being of and concerning the plaintiff; and

    B. tending to harm the reputation of plaintiff.


    What Is Libel Per Se?

    When libel is clear
    on its face, without the need for any explanatory matter, it is called libel
    per se. The following are often found to be libelous per se:

    A statement that

    • Charges
    any person with crime, or with having been indicted, convicted, or punished for

    • Imputes
    in him the present existence of an infectious, contagious, or loathsome

    • Tends
    directly to injure him in respect to his office, profession, trade or business,
    either by imputing to him general disqualification in those respects that the
    office or other occupation peculiarly requires, or by imputing something with
    reference to his office, profession, trade, or business that has a natural
    tendency to lessen its profits

    • Imputes to him impotence or a want of chastity.


    What Damages Can I Recover From A Defamation Of Character Suit?

    If you have been
    defamed you may seek both actual damages, to recover the harm that you have
    suffered, and punitive damages to punish the person who made the remark (and
    serve as an example to deter others).

    If the defamation
    improperly accused you of a crime or reflected on your profession, the court or
    jury can assess the damages. For other types of defamation you must prove some
    actual damage to be able to recover.

  43. Nice selective copy & pasting. You missed a few bits...
    "What defenses may be available to someone who is sued for defamation?
    There are ordinarily 6 possible defenses available to a defendant who is sued for libel (published defamatory communication.)
    Truth. This is a complete defense, but may be difficult to prove.Fair comment on a matter of public interest. This defense applies to "opinion" only, as compared to a statement of fact. The defendant usually needs to prove that the opinion is honestly held and the comments were not motivated by actual "malice." (Malice means knowledge of falsity or reckless disregard for the truth of falsity of the defamatory statement.)Privilege. The privilege may be absolute or qualified. Privilege generally exists where the speaker or writer has a duty to communicate to a specific person or persons on a given occasion. In some cases the privilege is qualified and may be lost if the publication is unnecessarily wide or made with malice.Consent. This is rarely available, as plaintiffs will not ordinarily agree to the publication of statements that they find offensive.Innocent dissemination. In some cases a party who has no knowledge of the content of a defamatory statement may use this defense. For example, a mailman who delivers a sealed envelope containing a defamatory statement, is not legally liable for any damages that come about from the statement.Plaintiff's poor reputation. Defendant can mitigate (lessen) damages for a defamatory statement by proving that the plaintiff did not have a good reputation to begin with. Defendant ordinarily can prove plaintiff's poor reputation by calling witnesses with knowledge of the plaintiff's prior reputation relating to the defamatory content.

  44. Who wrote that for you Gary? You should use them more often because their grammar, punctuation and choice of words are certainly much more educated choices than yours! It is bleedingly obvious it was not penned by you.

    Get your facts straight about Anne Yates' contribution to this blog. It is written by Tiffany Squires only.

    BTW I think you are flattering yourself by calling your wanking video 'pornography'

  45. It's got a definite lack of RANDOM capitalize words in the middle of sentences. Likely his lawyer/texting buddy. How cute!

  46. What a joke, but no seriously thank you dearly for the laughs... About all the police are going to do is expose your scams and how you are taking advantage of special needs families. 

  47. Princess AnastasiaMarch 3, 2012 at 5:31 PM

    'Facts', cannot be changed.  Hence, the reason it is a fact.

  48. Princess AnastasiaMarch 3, 2012 at 5:44 PM

    Excuse me?  You should pay closer attention to what you type and to whom you send it.  Research can be your best friend. 

    Quite frankly, you don't have a legal leg to stand on - and I can see the headlines now - "A Man, A Computer and His FaceBook Page Caught in Global Scandal As He Illegally Solicits Funds From Special Needs Parents and Then Threatens to Sue When They Cry Foul".

    You've stated yourself, REPEATEDLY, that business is better than ever, more $$ coming in now than before - you've even thanked us.  Oh yes you did.

    The only thing you 'might' have half a shot at, is that someone posted your video to a blog - but the problem with that is that 1) posting porn is NOT illegal, 2) what the person you sent it to does with it is ENTIRELY their choice.

    Now then.  If you think you have a legit reason to proceed, please do.  But kindly remember - this is not the movies where you get to say "I have nothing further to say to you, talk to my attorney!"  and then stomp off screen.  No, this is real life, where you actually have to supply the name and contact information of your attorney.  You don't get to just wave it about like a magic blanket that'll make all your problems disolve.

    And we've been plenty happy to provide you and anyone else the name and contact information for the special investigator over at the AG's office.

    Further more - we are ALREADY taking this to court on our own - and if you wish to push ahead on your own, please do remember - either way - you will have the burden upon you to prove what we say is false. 

    Now I suggest (since your 'attorney' doesn't seem inclined to help you) that you stop threatening people, and go get your ducks in a row.

  49. So wonderfully stated Princess Anastasia! Thank you!

  50.  Someone who *actually* has a lawyer and is *actually* suing people, wouldn't be running around all over FB, Twitter, and blogs. They would have been told by their lawyer to sit back and let the legal system do it's thing and NOT SAY ANYTHING! Total utter BS.

  51.  Facts CAN be twisted and ya'll do a great job of doing that!

  52. Princess AnastasiaMarch 3, 2012 at 11:02 PM

    Words/statements CAN be taken out of context - we see Gary do it all the time.  That is why on this blog, Tiffany is very careful to include the whole of whichever.  She does not edit things down or crop them to try and deceive anyone.  The pics of texts, tweets and screenshots can all be easily found and or verified by you, or anyone else willing to look. 

    Again, FACTS, can NOT be changed/twisted.  2 plus 2 equals 4.  Always has, always will. 

  53. Princess AnastasiaMarch 4, 2012 at 12:51 AM

    Thank you Tiff for updating with that new apps list, and thank you to the person that risked themselves to get it to you. 

    It's a shame it had to be given 'under cover of darkness'.

    They don't want to lose it.  Lose them - the others they reach out to.  I get it - I was there, we all were. 

    But there IS more.  There ARE more groups.  MORE parents that will be oh so thrilled to have you join.  People that won't make you compete for their attention and prizes.  People that will care.

    I believe that most of his people (that are ACTIVE) on the A4 page, believe we ARE telling the truth - but that they are tired.  Too tired to be attacked by someone else, too tired to be attacked by a throng, all vying to prove their loyalty for the price of what?  A few apps - maybe - but the companionship of the others - to belong.  I think they are simply just scared they will lose their friends and that support.  And that saddens me.  That's not how things work - anywhere - except school - and that page.

  54. Thank you for updating and correcting errors. I also love how you allow people to disagree with you in the comments with out deleting them. You have integrity! No one is perfect, but everyone respects honesty. 

  55. Princess AnastasiaMarch 4, 2012 at 12:55 AM

    Thank you Tiffany for adding that update of the apps list, and thank you to the person that had to get it to you 'under cover of darkness, across enemy lines'.

    Curious as to why not one of his staunch supporters couldn't have just brazenly handed it over?

  56. thank you. I strive not to censor anyone, and everyone IS entitled to their own opinion right? :) 
    I strive to post fact based posts.   I will ALWAYS correct myself if I am wrong.  I appreciate that this mom was willing to contact me and give me the accurate information. :)

  57. This is awesome. You are a natural born activist.  

  58. MistershakehandsMarch 4, 2012 at 4:34 AM

    If you're suing for distribution of pornography, I assume this is an admission that you are the one in the video with his penis out? I thought you said no video existed? So...we're admitting this does exist now and that you were lying? You can't sue people for pornography. It's not illegal to distribute pornography.

  59. disguistedas areothersMarch 5, 2012 at 2:31 AM

     THAT IS HORRIFIC! These were to go to Special needs children!

  60. disguistedas areothersMarch 5, 2012 at 2:59 AM

     Problem is that YOU have not done any of it.  It is all the work of special needs parents who gave a shit and wanted to help out.  YOU have caused nothing but shame and disgust to A4.  It has a decent chance of making a difference, sadly now it simply resembles a Dateline Story in the making!  Oh and clearly you do not have counsel because the first thing that they would tell you is to SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU IDIOT!