Monday, March 5, 2012

Shhh.. it's a secret!

Shhh, don't tell anyone!

I'm in private groups! On facebook! And just about everyone else I know is too! OMGZ! OH NOZ!

Yes, there are several people who have come together in a "secret, private group" on facebook. (Actually, there are several groups! *gasp!*)
We came together because we all saw what was happening. We were fortunate, I guess you could say, enough to see all the venom that had been spewed, and all the deleted posts.
2+2 was adding up to 4.

We never formed any group until we had all been black listed and banned though, just for the record (And hey, a thanks for that, because I've been able to make some amazing friends thanks to this AND I found a love for blogging!!).  All those months that he claimed there was a group trying to bring a4cwsn down? I have no clue about any of that. Neither does anyone I chat with.

Yep, we compared notes so to speak, and still do, actually.
Really, though, the only way you know you've been lied to is to compare stories with someone who's talked to the same person about the same thing.

We will never stop trying to piece the puzzle together that is a4cwsn.

And yep, we have all spent countless hours on google after our kids have gone to bed, or are taking a nap.
Heck, some of us have spent countless hours on the phone too!

Really though, when you're curious about something important, you research it.
To us, it's important to highlight the half truths and misrepresentations that have taken place.  As we've said, we don't want people to be scammed, or hurt.  Of course, your opinion of this, is yours to make. It's your opinion.  I'm also not going to sit here all day and try to convince you.

I will promise you however, I will search all that I can, and I will share it with the investigator, and I will share here on this blog.

And yep, that conversation Gary James posted on my blog this morning, absolutely did take place.
The 50/50/50 tour ended at the end of November. We hadn't contacted any developers then.
We also never told developers not to follow through on commitments made.
We did not contact developers until long after he had posted (numerous times) that he had secured apps for the iPads.
We haven't exactly been quiet about contacting developers though have we??

And really, how many developers does a4cwsn follow on twitter? Lots, right? They can easily see the storm that's been going on for months in their twitter feed.

I do have to say, that seeing a private conversation that took place on facebook posted on my blog is a little strange.  It's kind of like going out for dinner with a group of friends, only to realize someone recorded your entire conversation and posted it all over the interwebz.

Do I really care? No.  He's been using the same lines from that conversation for months to try and intimidate us all on twitter.

So yes.  There are several secret, private groups on facebook.  And yes, they're secret so that they are not searchable on facebook.
So what?

I bet even a couple of you who are reading this blog, will go to some secret group somewhere and discuss this post. Oh Noz! How scandalous!


  1. OMG I'm in a secret group too!!! Am I in trouble now? 

  2. how DARE!!! you belong to a secret group!!!! I betcha its a federal offence!
    You better be careful.  Someone might sue you. 

  3. Well slap the handcuffs on my wrist and call me a criminal for being in a secret Facebook group. That has to be a federal offense.  At least I am not scamming anyone!!

  4. There is nothing unethical or illegal in being part of a secret group. No doubt Mr.James is a member of many himself. But yet again, in giving his side of the argument, GJ has only proved how sneaky and underhand he is by posting private conversations to prove (although he failed) his point. I worry about his legal counsel as he is still online baiting, sneering and stirring his own cesspool with his inane and unintelligent postings. Surely he should be keeping a low profile? 

  5. Hey! You never asked me to be part of your secret group!! For shame! I wanna be bad too.... I won't tell anyone! LMAO

  6. Shhhh don't tell none but I actually am in a secret group on Facebook and its with other special needs parents I hope the Feds don't come knocking on my door now...

  7. Secret groups? Private conversations? Un recorded phone calls? ...sounds a little like freedom to me!!  Heaven forbid lol

    (this next little bit may not make sence to everyone, but to those it makes sence to .. it"s just so you know I know you know!)

    What you choose to post on the web is availible to anyone. Don't post what you do not wish to share. A name, a city and the post office website can give you an address in about 14 seconds. The intimidation factor of an anonimous! Just sayin!

  8. Oh crap, I guess someone better get the whip and beat my butt too.  I belong to a special group designed solely to completely destroy the morals of the youth of this country...oh no, I left that group.  :-) Now I'm just in a group trying to make sense of betrayal, lies and deception that is hidden behind the guise of helping special needs families.  

  9. I do lots of super scandalous things. Private groups, private emails, private messages. Heck - I even text and call people! WOW. I know. I'm practically an undercover CIA agent.

    Honestly. I love how he acts like he just uncovered the secret of  the Da Vinci Code by "proving" that people are in a group together.

    Intimidation. Fail.

  10. Princess AnastasiaMarch 5, 2012 at 11:06 AM

    Well, spank my hinney and call me naughty - I'm in secret groups and private groups too.  Heck - I've lost count how many - pfffft. 

  11. we might even meet once a  month for coffee but i cant confirm or deny as it is private.

  12. Terri Keele VejrostaMarch 5, 2012 at 3:41 PM

     I wanna be in a spank my hinney group!

  13. Oh my Gosh I am in an Open, Closed and Secret group on Facebook - Hey isn't that a feature on the currently version of Facebook? and I was part of a secret group that GJ set up himself.

  14. There is a very long and well documented history of harrasment and intimidation tactic used against anyone who either disagrees or questions. Last spring I simply stated I didn't find video reviews of apps that helpful and preferred other methods which let to him insulting me and accusing me of not caring about SN parents!! That was our first encounter. It only went downhill from there. After that many of us watched him doggedly destroy a FB page that also posted many free apps along with discussion on them from sped teachers. At one point he lied and said he was as school phychologist to give himself credibility !! He later admitted that he lied (months later) just to piss off the page owner! No remorse and it seems that lying and over exaggerating comes easy to him? Like its normal behavior. He even admonished me for beleiving what he said as though it should be very obvious he is a liar and I was a fool to believe what he said!
    This is just one in extent in a very long line. What he doesn't seem to understand is that normal people look at this and see him as the person out of line! How crazy to think that groups on FB are some how illegal , wrong etc? What IS wrong is someone posting private combos that he had to send a 'spy' to obtain or by some other means. THAT is what people will come away with. All the rest has been tweeted and talked about openly, not that it should matter. Normal people don't behave this way. They don't cross certain line of decent behavior. What u have just seen here is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to behavior! Maybe now more will understand how some simple questions turned so nasty so fast! It certainly wasn't the fault of the woman who built A4 in the first place!

  15. Sorry for errors and typos. On the phone and this isn't easy! I forgot to mention how he also dragged my name through the mud on a4 as well. Posted lies about me and tried to get others to dislike me etc Many of the women now questioning him also attacked me. I was not the only one to receive this treatment his outlandish rants and then delete were common events. This is why I did and still do question any developer who supports this behavior!!!
    Best thing he ever did for me was to post his black list :) founds lots of new friends and had a great time comparing notes!! Course that is going to be painted as illegal too, but we all know it's not. It's just that w everyone getting together to put all the pieces together is his worst nightmare.